Ramadhan Mubarak from the PrayerTimes Team

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      About PrayerTimes


      For over 3 years, Prayertimes has been supplying a Fisabilillah service for the UK population. Prayertimes provides information on Salaah times and other Masaajid information through our dedicated website.

      Prayertimes has expanded from providing a part time service for local brothers and sisters in Bolton, to becoming The leading FREE supplier in UK!!

      With your help this service can succeed, flourish and Insha-Allah be beneficial to the local and wider community.

      We kindly request if all brothers and sisters would forward information with regards to current developments, events and activities taking place at any Masjid. We would also appreciate any updates, ideas and feedback to help improve the service.

      Additionally, if we have not yet included your local Masjid, please send a copy of the latest timetables and events schedule to the address given below.

      Furthermore we would like to point out that this website does not hold affiliation towards any person or Masjid, however we aim to work in conjunction with all Masaajids and communities to help improve the service for our brothers and sisters.

      Finally Prayertimes would like to say a big thank you on behalf of all our staff to everyone who has supported us and been a part of the Prayertimes success.

      We look forward to the exciting future ahead for Prayertimes.

      JazakAllah Khair
      Prayertimes Team